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Satisfied customers record their experience:

Collette Barnard – Sweet Track Counselling Services

It has been a lovely experience to work again with Geraldine Charles. She did such a good job at my first website 10 years ago that I have asked her to update and refresh the old site. The contract and information between us is clear, her work is professional, her attitude is warm, and I am now very proud of my beautiful new site.

Collette Barnard

Kathy Jones

Geraldine Charles has been my web designer for some twelve years now. She produces my own website: kathyjones.co.uk, plus those for the Goddess Conference: goddessconference.com and the Glastonbury Goddess Temple: goddesstemple.co.uk.

As you will see they are beautiful, inviting sites that are praised by many.

I highly recommend Geraldine’s web-designing skills.

Kathy Jones

Sue Oxley – Celebrants: for the turning points in life

Geraldine Charles has been my webmistress for nearly eight years, and I consider her a true artist in many fields, but especially in webpage design.

Not only is she technically gifted in the ways of computers, she is also marvellously creative in the way she puts together the whole website. There is always something different, new and interesting in her design ideas, and the pages she creates are alive and yet so carefully crafted that they delight the eye with colour, layout and overall presentation.

I ran a bed and breakfast for many years, and lots of the people who were drawn to make bookings, especially those from overseas, commented that the website was so wonderful that they knew they had to book with us. As far as I am concerned that is the type of advertising and marketing that is priceless.

However, Geraldine is not just a great designer, she is also a person of integrity who is extremely careful with everything related to her customer’s websites, honest and trustworthy in financial dealings, and punctilious when changes or amendments are needed.

To my mind you would have to go a long way to find a better webmistress. I am very lucky to have found her.

Sue Oxley

Liz Perkins – Midlife and Menopause

I recruited a web designer from my network – I didn’t realise then how lucky I was. I knew nothing about writing for the web, and had used it comparatively little.

Geraldine Charles was experienced, flexible, creative, a good teacher, and charged me very little for the privilege of learning from her. The result has been a web-site which has enabled me to:

  • pass on my understanding of menopause and how to think about it
  • direct users to a wide range of other resources and views
  • side-step requests for clinical advice which I am not competent to give
  • provide a shop-window for myself and my books and workshops, and a free resource
  • for those who cannot afford them
  • to take payment from those who want books and workshop places

I launched this in 2003 and have been adding things to it and updating it since.

Liz Perkins

The above is an extract from a project report written by Dr Perkins for her peer review group, and the website in question, midlifeandmenopause.co.uk, has not, at her request, been updated for a number of years but is being allowed to slide gently into its own old age!  However, I thought it worth including as it gives an idea of what the experience of working with me is like.

Geraldine Charles