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web designI specialise in good, simple and uncluttered web design. Less is often more on the internet – the average person gets impatient waiting for a page to load and has often gone elsewhere before a few seconds have elapsed – and only five seconds if they’re shopping online, a recent survey suggested.


  • Every customer is different – and so the first thing I do is talk to you about what your needs are, and what kind of styles you like. I can use your own graphics or provide you with a new logo and other designs. You will be consulted fully throughout the design process.
  • I’m fully insured, and work to a contract that is agreed between us, so everyone knows what they can expect.
  • I like to design pages that load quickly, using slimmed-down graphics and colour to good effect.  I’m happy to update your site regularly but can also develop a website that you can update yourself (and give training as necessary).
  • I also believe in providing good navigation to allow your visitors a good experience – we all hate sites where we can’t find what we’re looking for.  I also check your links regularly and will submit to search engines as required.
  • Small businesses and individuals can’t afford to spend a fortune but still want good design at an affordable price. That’s what I try to provide, with efficiency and a quick turnaround.

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