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Getting to know the Goddess

A correspondence course by email

isisWe all carry in our genes the memory of our one great ancestral Mother, born in Africa an unimaginable 150,000 years ago. In truth, then, are we all sisters and brothers, both women and men related in bone and blood, in our very cells.

Just so is the Great Goddess alive today, deep inside each one of us but also in the Earth herself, in the highest mountains and deepest oceans, in our deserts and marshes and even in our teeming cities.

More and more women and men are becoming aware of Her presence in our age. Loved and adored in ages past, She makes Her presence known again today and we seek to know more about Her.

How long will the course take?

There will be four lessons, each in two quite long parts – the whole course should be taken over a minimum of five or six months to gain the full benefit. A full year would be better as that will give the opportunity to experience all the changes in Her nature throughout the course. We will be learning a great deal about and, more importantly, experiencing the Goddess in our lives and getting to know Her better. No previous knowledge is assumed and many students will find they are already familiar with some of the material; however the exercises will still be beneficial for everyone.

Who should take this course?

The course would be a useful starting point for people attracted to the Priestess path, but who feel they don’t have enough knowledge and aren’t sure where to start. Many students have gone on to take priestess trainings.  It is also a useful stand-alone course for people who want to get to know and experience the Goddess on a deeper level.

 How will the course be taught?

A mixture of words (stories, poems and explanatory text) and art will help describe the Goddess. There will also be links to web sites for paintings in various galleries throughout the world and for other information. Reading lists will be included.

The lessons will be passworded web pages, but you’re encouraged to save them to your computer’s hard drive if possible, so you can access the material without needing to be connected to the internet if you’re not on broadband.  You should also be able to download the lessons in PDF format. However in either case you would need to go online to look at any included links to external web sites.

The course works from a Feminist philosophical and political basis, also pointing out where recent scientific/archaeological discoveries support and underline our deep knowing.

 Will there be assignments or homework?

 “Homework” and other assignments can be in a mixture of the written or spoken word, photographs, sound files and other mixed media. This is deliberately left as open as possible, to allow for maximum creativity, and also because the course should be as open of access as possible, so that students of varied talents can take part.

You will also need to keep a journal throughout the course and extracts from this will help your tutor to give feedback on your progress and what can be done to help with your particular journey.

 How will assessment be done and how will I contact my tutor?

I will be available for email correspondence throughout the course.

 What does the course cost?

Fees for the full course are £170, with payment by PayPal, so most major currencies are accepted, with the conversion into sterling done automatically. There are other payment options, click the “Get Started” button for more information

 When can I start?

The course began with the waxing moon in May 2004, you can sign up at any time now. If take-up is very high numbers may be temporarily limited  so that proper attention can be given to every student.

 Who is Geraldine Charles?

1_ann_cook_june2011I have been studying Goddess for some 40 years and dedicated to Her in the 1980s; also initiated as a Priestess following training with Kathy Jones in 2000.

I’m a founder member of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and a former Goddess Conference ceremonialist.

I have a first-class degree in the Humanities and am an experienced trainer.  I’m also the editor of Goddess Pages magazine and love to write articles and poetry and even the occasional song, and for many years have also been web designer for the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, the Goddess Temple and many more.

This course was originally developed for the Isle of Avalon Foundation, of which I’m a former director.  Originally designed as part of a programme of good quality correspondence courses to offer to students who have difficulty attending classes held in Glastonbury, the course proved very popular and although the Foundation is no longer offering correspondence courses, it has continued in its own right.

 What you will need to take this course:

Access to a computer with internet access and an email account. A book to keep your journal in (or of course you can do this electronically if you prefer).

You can see a course outline here.

Get started!

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