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To join the course, click the payment button at the bottom of this page.  I use PayPal because it is secure – your credit card or bank details are taken by a reputable and trusted company and they are never given to this website.  You will receive a receipt from PayPal and as soon as I get notification from them that you’ve joined I will give you access to the course.

I will add you as a registered member of the site, with a login name and password which will be sent to you – when you want to access the course simply login and click on the lesson in the new menu that appears.

There aren’t lots of terms and conditions, but by going ahead with payment you’re agreeing to the following:

  • Not to pass the course material on to anyone else
  • To contact me if you have any difficulties.

Payment of the full course fee of £170 entitles you to one year’s membership of the course – which can and will be extended on request, the only reason to limit the time is so that I have a better idea of who is continuing, who is taking a break, and who has disappeared over the horizon forever!

If you would like to take this course but cannot afford the full cost immediately, please contact me to discuss options for paying by instalments.