web designer, writer, editor and ceremonialist


As you can see from all the activities mentioned above, I wear a few different hats!

Among other things, I’m a web designer and would love to work with you to create a website that not only looks beautiful but works as it should. Many different kinds of site are possible, why not contact me for more details?

Next on the list is the writer/editor hat. I’ve been editing and publishing Goddess Pages magazine since 2006 and most of my articles and poetry are to be found there. I have a first-class honours degree in English and History and love to work with people to ensure that their writing is well-presented. You will also find on this site the Goddess in Europe blog I wrote during a trip to southern Europe in 2005, when I was looking for, among other things, examples and traces of the beautiful and mysterious black madonna. I also went to Malta and saw some of the amazing temples there.

Here you can find information about an online course I’ve run for ten years now: Getting to know the Goddess. The course is an accessible starting point for people attacted to the priestess path but not quite sure where to start, and many students have gone on to take priestess trainings. It is also, however, a useful stand-alone course for people who want to get to know and experience the goddess on a deeper level. There are more courses in development, so do check back.